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Leslie Pool Supply

Do you have a pool at your club or property? We know maintaining it is no small lift. Therefore ClubBuy offers purchasing through Leslie’s Pool Supply to help keep your aquatic facilities looking great, safe and fun for your customers throughout the year.  

Leslie’s Pool Supply is the largest retailer of swimming pool supplies and related products for maintenance, recreation and safety, offering everything you need to keep this vital part of your property in the best shape it’s ever been, from chemicals to maintain safety to covers to ensure care through changing seasons. Get what your pool needs at a cost-efficient rate.  

Leslie’s Pool Supply Products 


Chemicals – Chlorine, Sanitizers and Algae Control 


Maintenance – Filter Cartridges, Vacuum Hoses and Cleaning Attachments 


Covers – Winter, Solar, Safety and Leaf Net 


Parts – For Filters, Pumps and Cleaners  

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