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Pressure Washer on Stairs




As foot traffic and cart traffic increase through your course or property, keeping walkways and entrance areas as clean as possible are critical to the overall presentation to customers. This is why ClubBuy teams with MysticWasher to offer you innovative pressure washing solutions. 

The MysticWasher brand is synonymous with innovation in pressure washing for facilities, maintenance and sports surfacing. This is a result of consistent development of quality, high performance pressure washing products that have multiple functions. If you are looking to add a consistent shine on the presentation of your club or property, taking advantage of the solutions from MysticWasher will help you save time, cut your labor costs and eliminate operator fatigue, all while increasing the performance and overall look.  

MysticWasher Pressure Washing Solutions  


Battery Operated Pressure Washing 


Electric Operated Pressure Washing 


Gas Operated Pressure Washing 


Pressure Washing Accessories  


Curb Cleaners 


Recovery Solutions  


Solution Sprayers  

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