Large Lawn


Large Lawn
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The course is the prize showcase of your property. Giving your superintendents the supplies they need to maintain and evolve the condition are paramount in revenue generation. This is why ClubBuy works with Synatek, a leader in turf products, technologies and transactional programs to help our partners.  

Not only will Synatek through ClubBuy offer you technology that can revitalize and maintain your course, but you can accuumulate points with purchases that you can exchange for technology to help you manage your staff, improve chemical distribution and create better playing conditions. Create a more efficient agronomy program with ClubBuy and Synatek, from turf technology like the CoreMax48 to Entry’s chloride-free ice melt. Ready to explore the possibilities?  


Accrue points for new technology.


Track agronomy tasks in real-time.


Eliminate back-breaking green work with the CoreMax48.


The Entry Chloride-free ise melt - cleaner, safer and faster.


NeutraFect broad spectrum disinfectant and cleaner.