Testa Produce leads the way

Testa Produce leads the world of food in green. They deliver more green than any produce company in the windy city and they do it with the lowest carbon footprint one can imagine.

Testa Produce is home to the first freestanding wind turbine in the City of Chicago.

The turbine stands 238 feet from the ground to the top of the upright-most blade. Each blade is 70 feet long and in order for it to remain securely intact, the foundation plummets 48 feet below the ground's surface.

The turbine supplies 750 Kilowatts of power and they estimate that the turbine will generate roughly 30% of the building's power needs.

In a given year, it will generate roughly 880,000 kilowatt/ hours of energy. What does that mean?  It means that will be producing the equivalent of about 80 homes worth of energy each year.

Vegetated Roof - The first of its kind, the 45,650 square foot roof barrels so it is visible from the street. It slopes at the front to create a unique green identity for the building.

Testa has over one acre of vegetative plant material on the roof. It is designed to require minimal irrigation which is an integral part of our water efficiency system. 

The roof collects rainwater and prevents run-off. Once the water soaks into the roof, it is filtered into the internal water cistern. From there the water is stored until it is needed. All of the water collected from the roof is reused for non-potable purposes throughout the building such as flushing toilets.

 There are several benefits of this roof:

- Increases water conservation by preventing rainwater run-off

-Releases oxygen resulting in cleaner air

- Insulates the building and decreases heat waste emissions

- Lengthens the replacement time of the roof

Solar Power - Testa has a total of 180 solar panels on site. There are two separate types of panels- Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Hot Water Panels.

The first type are Photovoltaic Solar Panels. PV solar panels use solar power to generate energy for the building. We have a total of 159 PV panels on site. There are 72 panels located above the doors of the rear docks, in addition to the 108 pole-mounted panels in the parking lot.

The pole-mounted solar panels generate energy for the building as well as contain the capabilities for electric vehicle plug-ins.

The second type is a Solar Hot Water System. Testa has 21 panels located on our roof that use solar energy to produce 100% of the building's non-potable hot water. This eliminates the need to consume natural gas to heat the water. 

The solar hot water system is the first U.S. Commercial Evacuated Tube Collector System to use pure water as the working fluid.

Testa added 10 new trucks that run on clean-burning, low-cost domestic compressed natural gas (CNG) to the delivery fleet. The new 24-foot refrigerated CNG trucks have replaced existing biodiesel trucks, helping to lower the carbon footprint even more and bringing Testa closer to their goal of zero dependence on foreign oil within five years.

Manufactured by Cummings (chassis) and Kidron (refrigerator body), our CNG trucks are quieter, have lower emissions, and require less maintenance than diesel/biodiesel trucks with no loss of power or mileage. In addition to being more eco-friendly, the new trucks deliver cost savings: CNG is priced at around $2.60 per gallon compared to biodiesel’s recent $4.30 to $4.89 per gallon including tax.

Adding CNG delivery vehicles is in line with their commitment to raising the bar on sustainability in the foodservice distribution industry and are always looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Prior to piloting our electric and CNG trucks, we were one of the first to convert our entire delivery fleet to biodiesel and all company cars to hybrids.

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