Business Estimates 65% Energy Savings with Switch to LED Lighting

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

THE CUSTOMER KXRB/KKLS is a radio station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that plays a variety of music including country, classic rock and adult contemporary.

THE CHALLENGE At their 28,000-square-foot facility, KXRB/KKLS had 225 fluorescent light fixtures that needed replacing. Using a phased approach, the radio station planned to update one floor at a time. However, the lighting in the station’s training room was starting to cause problems. Though originally prioritized last, the training room needed an urgent upgrade due to the high amount of foot traffic coming through it. When the maintenance team tried replacing the inefficient T12 lamps with T8s, they kept burning out.

“Fluorescent was good in its day, but unfortunately, its day has come and gone,” said Mike Langford, Chief Engineer. “The cost to run those things is quite significant compared to the LED version.”

HOW GRAYBAR HELPED Since the training room is used nearly every day for conferences and meetings, the station reached out to Graybar for help. Graybar provided state-of-the-art lighting technology in the form of 12 Acuity BLT LED light fixtures and Acuity nLight AIR wireless controls to upgrade the radio station’s training room. The wireless controls provide occupancy sensors and dimming modules, all accessible and adjustable by smartphone.“The app on your phone can turn lights up and down,” said Langford. “You can turn specific lights on or off, and you can control each one in terms of dimness or brightness.

THE RESULTS“ We're going to probably save at least 65% of our electrical costs by going with LED light fixtures,” said Langford. Besides the energy savings, the new LED lighting is also improving videoconferencing in the training room and providing more flexibility for guests and presenters. “The sales team really likes the new lights,” said Langford. “Depending on the number of people or seating arrangement, you can turn every light on, off or dim. Before we could only flip a light switch – it was either on or off.”The radio station is planning to replace the rest of the building’s lights in the next six months.“I've been really happy with Graybar,” said Langford. “I've been doing a lot of business with them over the years, and they've always taken good care of me.”

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