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How Does Farmer Brothers’ Country Club Coffee Service Work in the ClubBuy GPO ?

Farmer Brothers delivers high-quality coffee, tea, hot beverages, equipment, and culinary items through our consistent and reliable Direct Store Delivery (DSD) program, or as a direct ship to your location. Unlike other restaurant coffee suppliers, our team doesn’t just focus on sales. Farmer Brothers Route Sales Reps work with you to decide the best products for your business based on consumer trends and seasonal demand.

Our commitment to you means your restaurant can offer the service and products your customers expect. From our traditional blends to your own custom coffee line, the options we offer are virtually endless. Whatever your needs, the Farmer Brothers flavor, quality, equipment, and service remains the same. With our free beverage consultation we will:

  • Review your current coffee, tea, & beverage offerings

  • Identify your specific needs

  • Create a restaurant coffee supply and service plan that’s ideal for your style of service

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Royal Cup has been serving golf clubs for over 50 years and is available through the ClubBuy GPO

Membership is all about the experience - the smile on the face of a hostess, a server deftly anticipating your needs, a new twist on a classic dish. It is important for clubs to create lasting memories for their guests, and encourage their members to come again.

At Royal Cup, we recognize our customers depend on us to provide quality beverages to their patrons, clients and customers. This is evident in everything we do, from the care our selected growers give to every coffee bean they produce, to our dedication to providing exceptional coffees and teas and service that redefines our customers’ expectations.

That’s why our goal is to help you, our golf partners, create experiences worth savoring by offering sensational products every day. Coffee and tea may not be the deciding factor in a golfer's playing decision, but a great cup has the power to make a lasting impression.

Whether you are serving piping hot tea at breakfast or a delicate espresso with dessert, let Royal Cup add to the reasons your customers keep coming back.

You have a passion for food and gathering. Royal Cup matches your passion with its commitment to creating the best products and experiences for our customers.